Friday, 2 December 2011

A Welcome Lunch and a bit of Teaching Practice

The couple (Brian and Jennifer) who own/run the school (Lexis Foreign Language Institute) Nick and I will be working for took all the staff out for lunch today as a welcome to the two of us and a farewell to Susan and Stephen.  We went round the corner and up to the 3rd floor to a deadly little buffet style place.  There are so many restaurants and bars etc on the 2nd and 3rd floors of buildings that you just have no way of knowing about unless you can read Hangul (the Korean Alphabet)....which surprisingly enough, we can't do yet!!  Its such a strange feeling, wandering down a street and having no idea what any of the buildings are 'cause you cant read the signs....its all loud and neon and flashing but its all squiggles and therefore meaningless!!

Check out all the fliers on the gound....thats 'advertising'!  People are employed to just throw fliers on the ground, hundreds of them, and then someone else comes around in the morning and sweeps them all up!  Pure madness!!

Anyway after lunch, Jennifer waned us to shadow Susan for her first 3 classes, so from 3pm til 4:30.  It being her last day of work though, there wasn't too much teaching going was all games and party food!!  Great craic! If only that was the way it was going to be everyday, we'd be laughing!  The two of us whipped out some white board markers and started drawing things...classroom pictionary, and the kid who guessed right got a dollar -  A fake dollar! They seem to have this dollar reward system going on in the classrooms....the kids get stamps when they've done their homework well and 3 stamps amounts to a dollar.  Every so often then throughout the term the school throws 'dollar parties' where the kids can spend their hard earned dollars to buy stuff like pens and pencils as well as sweets and chocolate etc.

Getting up for lunch today was a bit of a struggle...we'd a pretty late one last night.  Everywhere seems to stay open as long as there are punters willing to keep drinking which is a bit dangerous!  Anyway we ( Myself, Nick, Susan and Stephen) went out for dinner and then on to a bar called 'Santa's' for a few drinks. It's apparently called Santas 'cause the owner's name is Mr. Ho!  Anyway next thing we knew it was 4am....disaster! Santas seems to be a regular haunt 'round these parts so no doubt we'll have plenty more merriment in Mr. Ho's over the coming year!

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