About Me

I’m Stef!  I’m a 30 something year old Irish girl, currently in the French Alps for the winter.  From February to October of this year, myself and my husband, Nick, cycled over 12,000km from South Korea, where we'd been living, back home to Dublin. You can read about that adventure on our blog Bike Back Home.

This blog is just a personal space, and a work in progress at that.  It’s a place where I can keep track of my thoughts, my ideas, my travel plans and stories, as well as my latest interests.  Food (eating it, preparing it, reading about it, sharing it with others), adventure (travelling, somewhere new or old, or simply being outdoors), and making things (or cutting and sticking as Nick calls it) are probably the topics that will feature most heavily but I’m not the best at keeping it up to date, preferring to write nothing at all than something that I've just kind of thrown together, so I often go AWOL for large chunks of time! 

Feel free to leave a comment on anything you want,