Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Old World Meets New World

Korea is quite obviously in a state of change from the old to the new which makes it such an interesting place to be.  The younger, better educated, more liberal generations are all about takeaway coffees, trendy clothes and K-pop (Korean Popular Music).  They seem to spend their days looking 'cool' while they chat away on their android phones, drinking Starbucks coffees and oozing an air of entitlement while the older generations are stuck in time, squatting on the side of the road selling vegetables or roaming the streets with carts collecting cardboard and other recyclables, that they no doubt exchange for a few bob (but I imagine, not nearly as much as a coffee in Starbucks!).

You could be anywhere in Asia when looking at those older people, but they seem so out of place in this fast paced, technologically advanced, developed society.  They really do seem to have been left behind.

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