Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fallen off the blogger bangwagon and onto the Christmas cheer one!

It appears that the festive season has got the better of me here in Daejeon!  We might only have arrived here two weeks ago but already we've been swept up into the full swing of things and as a result I've fallen off the blogger bandwagon!

Last Saturday was the Daejeon Annual 12 Bars of Christmas....lots of english teachers, mainly from Ireland and The States, all dressed up like eejits, entering fully into the festive season!  We were under the impression that everyone went all out costume wise and the louder and brasher the better....so we entered into it in full spirit only to realise that not everyone took it as seriously as we'd been led to believe.  BUT....we did come third in the costume competition...not bad seeing as we hardly knew anyone there!!

Apparent from that, things have been a bit quieter since Su and Steve left to head off on their well earned travels...there were an awful lot of farewell dinners and drinks to be had...but now its just us, settling into our new apartment in a new city, going to our new jobs!

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