Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blue Tack

It seems that you can get pretty much buy anything you might want here, even things we're used to using at home that aren't common here...you just pay a bit more! Things like deoderant, wine, nice coffee, vitamins, decent bread (that isn't sweetened) but you cant get blue tack!  I've looked in tonnes of stationery shops and 'euro shop' type shops and then today, i googled it!  It's just not to be had!  They might have buzzers on the tables in restaurants and cafes to call the waitress over and they might have super fancy atm's that let you lodge money as well as withdraw it but they don't have blue tack!

On another odd note...one of the kids came to school yesterday wearing a jumper that said "Kolon Sport".  Pity it wasnt a 'c' but funny all the same!!

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