Monday, 25 March 2013

A Slightly New Layout

I've changed the layout of my blog just a little bit...adding a few tabs up the top, and taking away a few widgets that didn't seem to add much to the overall blog.  I've also merged my two blogs together, so now everything's all in one place, right here.

The 'Home' tab will take you to the most recent post on the blog.

The 'Who Am I?' tab is fairly self-explanatory I think.

The '91 Things' tab is a work in progress, and you'll just have to wait a while to learn more!

The tab called 'A List' is, surprisingly, a list!  It's going to be an on-going post, I hope, detailing the whacky gifts I receive from my students over the course of the semester.

And finally,  the Blogroll tab, although a work in progress, shows a list of other blogs I follow as well as other sites that I find interesting for multiple different reasons.

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