Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gyeryongsan Mountain

I don't feel any fitter after our cycling trip around Jeju, but I suppose I must be, at least a little bit. Regardless or whether I am or not though, I was determined to use it as the kickstart I needed to get into a solid exercise regime, so last weekend Nick and I thought we'd cycle to Gyeryongsan, climb it, and cycle home!

It was lovely.  The cycle there was a little over 13 kilometers.  A good 6k at the start was all along the cycle track on the banks of the Gapcheon river, the river that Daejeon is built on, then there was a nasty 2-3k stretch along a fast moving dual carraigeway, followed by 4ish kilometer stretch along lovely country roads and lanes.

Gapcheon Cycle Track Section

Nasty, Fast Moving Section along the Dual Carraigeway

Nice Back Road Section

We didn't get up particularly early so when we got to the foot of the mountain it was about half twelve.  Gyeryongsan National Park, which translates as Rooster Head Mountain, is famous for two things: the cherry blossoms in spring; and a meal of makgeolli (unstrained milky-looking rice wine) and pajeon ( a cross between a crepe and an omlette, usually with seafood and scallions through it) after your hike.  However, it being lunch time when we arrived, we thought we'd tuck in before the hike.

Locals Taking Advantage of the Shady Mountain Stream

The hike itself is about 9km, passing two temples and a waterfall, and reaching two peaks.  The first temple you pass, is Donghak-sa, which is the most famous one in the national park, and as far as I'm aware it's just for nuns.  Then its on up past the waterfall, Eunseon Pokpo, which is pretty unimpressive at the moment given the lack of rain we've had this monsoon season.  From the waterfall, the trail starts getting noticeably steeper, and remains so, until you come to Gwaneumbong Peak (816m).

Donghak-sa Temple
Simple Simon on the Way Up!

The Top!

We didn't delay too long at the top, being out in the sunshine wasn't ideal so we carried on across the ridge, until we got to Sambulbong (775m).  We had a brief sos there before starting the just-as-steep decent, passing Nammaetap, another temple, on the way down.

The View from the Top.
You can just about make out the concrete jungle that is Deajeon in the background

Me Acting the Monkey Along the Ridge!

Nammaetap Temple

I have to say I was pretty shattered when we got to the bottom, and needed a bit of a break before getting on my bike for the cycle home.  But then, once I was actually on it, it was grand, all those kilometers around Jeju have paid off after all! In fact, we both enjoyed it so much, we did it all over again yesterday!  This time though, we set off nice and early and were back down to enjoy Pajeon and Dongdongju (a cousin of Magkeolli) in the early afternoon.  Much better doing it this way around!

Local Mayhem in the Stream again this Weekend!

A Much Deserved Feast of Pajeon, Dongdongju and lots of Banchan (sidedishes)

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