Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Whats it gonna be then, eh?

Where am I now? Well, right now, I’m in my bedroom, sitting at my desk, and shock horror, on my laptop!  But, more metaphorically, I’m in the throes of booking corrective laser eye surgery.  Or more accurately, I have booked surgery but I’m not sure I’ve done the right thing.  

There are a few simple facts and they go like this:  

My vision is pretty awful without glasses or contact lenses, which I have worn everyday since I was thirteen years old.  

I’ve wanted to get laser done for some time now.  

Its less than half the price here, in South Korea, than at home, in Ireland.  

However, unlike at home, the clinics here let you choose which kind of laser surgery to have, LASEK or LASIK.  But who the hell am I to choose?  What do I know about it?  What are the doctors for if not to advise? Because I am a suitable candidate for both, due to the health of my eyes and the thickness of my corneas, I have been told with much Korean enthusiasm, by more than one doctor, that I get to pick the procedure I want.  Lucky me!

So will it be the painfree, quick recovery of vision (24hrs to one week) but the slightly increased risk of side effects with LASIK or a substantial amount of pain, a slow recovery of vision (one week to six months) but a decreased risk of complications with LASEK.

Maybe I should just stick to my contact lenses for a while longer!

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